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What We Can Learn From The Relationship Between Jayalalithaa And Sasikala

By Lekhaka

The life of Jayalalithaa is both inspiring in some ways and enigmatic in other ways. What's inspiring is her success, strength, determination and her meteoric rise.

What's enigmatic is the area of her human relationships. All we know is that she's close to Sasikala over the past few decades.

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Beyond that, very less is known why she kept herself away from her family members, relatives and a regular married life. Of course, some say that Sasikala never let others get close to Jayalalithaa.

Here are some things we can learn from their relationship.


Equations Do Change With Time...

Though Sasikala initially stepped into the life of Jayalalithaa as a video-grapher (to shoot party videos), she gradually became close to her to the extent of shifting to her place and settling down.

With the passing years, she also became an important player who calls shots in the party behind the screen. This shows that equations do change in relationships with time.


Blind Trust Could Ruin Life!

Jayalalithaa trusted Sasikala completely. At one point, she felt cheated when she same to know that Sasikala is interfering with the party affairs behind her back.

Though we don't know how far that is true, the lesson we can learn her is about 'trust'. Though trust is important in relationships, blind trust can ruin!


Don't Let Anyone Build A Wall Around You!

If reports are true, Sasikala has built a wall around Jayalalithaa and never let anyone meet her without her consent.

She isolated her. That's a dangerous situation. If your sibling, friend or your partner is trying to isolate you, or distance you from others, that's a red flag!


Greed Can Gradually Overpower!

The world runs on money. So, human beings naturally have greed. And some are power hungry.

And these very desires can ruin human relationships. People may be nice to you on your face but would want to grab power or money from you. And there is no escape if you are back-stabbed.

There was a point in Jayalalithaa's life where she had to show the door to Sasikala's relatives as they seemed to misuse her power and made money out of it.


Aloofness Creates Mystery!

Nobody is clear about the exact reason why Jayalalithaa was aloof. According to sources, nobody except Sasikala's family members was allowed inside her home 'Veda Nilayam'.


Pomp And Show Can Ruin Life!

Jayalalithaa was forced to spend tons of money on her foster son's wedding. Many say that it was Sasikala's idea to spend so much. But that act landed both of them in legal trouble.


There Should Be Someone To Run The House

Whether it is a man or a woman, one needs someone to run the house. One needs company. When Jayalalithaa ruled the state, Sasikala ran her house and helped her.


One Should Have A Life Plan

During the past few years, Jayalalithaa should have taken a decision on who should succeed her and take the legacy forward. When ageing parents expire, the grown up children fight for the parental property. In the same way, now there is confusion in the party about who should lead it and take it forward.


Mystery Surrounding Her Death

Some say her death was natural but some rumours say it was unnatural. If Jayalalithaa was in regular touch with her relatives, there wouldn't have been mystery surrounding her death because all of them would have been there helping her deal with her ailing health.

(Of course, some reports say that Sasikala never let Jayalalithaa's people meet her!)


Love Matters More Than Money

She had everything- money, fame and power. But what was lacking was unconditional love during the last days of her life. Of course, the people of her state deeply love her. But her private life was too aloof that her final moments were not seen by any of her loved ones.

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