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Relationships run on trust. So, suspecting your partner is a sad situation. Even if you have a strong feeling that she is cheating on you, it isn't wise to trouble her by suspecting her.

Instead of that, you can try certain other ways to get a basic idea of your situation. Here is a questionnaire. Try answering it and see the results. If more than 6 answers are A, you can stop suspecting her. But if most of your answers are B or C then there could be something wrong with your relationship.

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Have a word with her to openly express your concerns or future course of action. There is no use suspecting someone; and there is no use in trying to withhold a person in the relationship when she wants to go out with someone else. Now, take a look at the questionnaire.


Does She Call You Up Frequently?

A. Yes
B. No, I only have to call her
C. She doesn't even answer my calls on time even once per day


You Try To Ask About Her Male Friends. Her Immediate Reaction Is:

A. She answers very casually and talks about her male friends
B. She gets very angry and fights back saying you are suspecting her
C. She quickly tries to divert you by changing the topic

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Her Appearance Nowadays Is...

A. As usual
B. She suddenly changed her overall style
C. She tries hard to look attractive


When You Try To Touch Her,

A. She reacts in a normal way
B. She moves away from you as if she is allergic to your touch
C. She asks you not to come too near


The Moment You Call Her For Dinner,

A. She says okay
B. She gives a very lame excuse to escape
C. She suddenly cuts the call and calls back after she finds an excuse

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When You Try To Look Into Her Phone,

A. She is okay about it
B. She becomes furious and grabs it back
C. She warns you to never do it again


She Suddenly Calls You With Some Other Name,

A. She explains that it was just a random mistake
B. She gets nervous and becomes defensive
C. She says she doesn't need to give you any explanation for just calling you by another name once.

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When You Try To Start A Quarrel,

A. She tries to stop it
B. She tries to make it into a very big fight
C. She simply uses the situation to break up with you

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Story first published: Friday, January 6, 2017, 9:24 [IST]
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