Why A Little Jealousy Can Be Good In A Relationship

By Subodini Menon

When it comes to a relationship, jealousy is a feeling that can rise as a green-eyed monster. It can become the rust that can ultimately break the relationship. Jealousy is often rooted in insecurities and fear of losing the partner.

The feeling of jealousy must not be given a chance to grow and fester. The partner who is jealous must be willing to let the other one know about his/her feelings.

And the other partner in turn must be willing to do whatever is needed to remove the feeling of jealousy from his/her partner's mind. But there are cases where a little jealousy can be a good thing for the relationship.

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When two people are in love, feelings of jealousy are common. But if the jealous person acts badly towards the partner, it might mean the end of the relationship.

If handled in a good way, however, a little jealousy can be a good thing for a relationship. Today, we shall discuss the positive aspects of why being jealous is sometimes good in a relationship.


Jealousy Is A Reminder Of Your Love

If you are suddenly bitten by pangs of jealousy, remember that you feel it because your partner is that important to you.

You love your partner so much that even the slightest thing throws you into throes of jealousy. If this happens to you, all you need to do is remind yourself that you trust your partner and that he/she loves you as much as you love him/her.

A Little Jealousy Can Help You Bring Back The Spark In Your Love Life

When you see someone else getting a little flirty with your partner, you feel jealous about it. This realization will bring back the spark in your otherwise boring and dull relationship, which you may have lost interest in.

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Direct The Jealousy To Fuel Your Goals

If you are jealous of someone due to a quality in them, it might be because you may lack it and feel insecure about it. Use this jealousy to motivate you to develop that quality in you, if you can.

If you stand to lose a few kilos, work out and eat right. If it is something personality wise, try and develop that.

Jealousy Can Encourage You To Be A Better Partner

If you are jealous, try to remind yourself not to slack in your relationship. Pay more attention to your partner and your relationship. Remind them that you are the best partner that they could ever wish for.

It Can Help Pin-point Your Own Insecurities

Your jealousy clearly stems deep-seated insecurities in yourself. When you feel the jealousy, you can truly see where your insecurities lie. You can use this opportunity to work on them and heal yourself.

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The Reassurance Will Help You Feel Better Than Before

If you communicate your feelings to your partner in a calm and logical manner, your partner will reassure you that you have nothing to worry about.

Your partner will let you know how much they love you. This reassurance and confession of love will help you feel better than ever before. Also, this will help strengthen your relationship and the bond that you share.

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