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Is He A Genuine Guy Or Fake?

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Are you wondering whether the man you are seeing is a genuine guy or a fake guy? Well, there are some ways to know his real self.

When you are young, you may fall for the fake things as you may not be able to see what's beneath the surface.

Here are some ways to easily identify whether he is genuine or just a fake guy trying to score well in your eyes.


Sign #1

A genuine man respects all equally. He never tries to look down upon you in order to feel superior. Fake guys respect only if you are rich or will benefit them in some or the other way.


Sign #2

A genuine guy never tries to impress you. A fake guy tries to act smart or do certain things to impress you.


Sign #3

A genuine guy isn't an attention seeker. He is happy in his space and lets you be happy in your space. But a fake guy desperately wants your attention all the time in order to feel good.


Sign #4

Genuine guys are humble. They don't try to brag. A fake guy tries to show off, brag and feel superior.


Sign #5

Genuine guys are honest and straight forward. They don't hide anything. A fake guy has a hidden agenda in every good thing he does.


Sign #6

Genuine guys say what they can do and what they can't do. They admit their failures. But a fake guy gives false hopes, false promises and later on blames others or gives excuses for his failures.


Sign #7

Genuine guys don't take pleasure in criticising others. Fake guys feel good by criticising others all the time.


Sign #8

Genuine guys are helpful whereas fake guys are exploiting. They just try to use you somehow.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 10:31 [IST]
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