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Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Sexist!

You can't live peacefully if your boyfriend is a sexist. You can't spend the rest of your life trying to change his views.

Of course, if he changes for good and becomes normal that's a totally different story. But if he continues to look down upon women, your life would be hell.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Sexist!

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Instead of silently nodding your head and agreeing to marry him, try to think twice and back out if you see the following signs which prove that he is a sexist.

He Breaks Your Flow. Always!

You patiently listen to him but when you start talking, he cuts you short by interrupting and saying something else.

He doesn't value your opinions or experiences. (In his opinion, women aren't intelligent enough to have valid opinions!) Such a man is a very bad choice even if he has any other good qualities.

He Perceives Men As Good

He keeps giving you random examples that prove only one point: men are good and women are bad. He complains that no woman has really understood him well.

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(He might have some bad experiences in the past. He is biased and tries to rub his opinions on you!) Such a man will always belittle you. Stay away!

He Demands You To Be Polite

He tries to be rude and rash but he expects you to be polite all the time, even during your frustrated states. He secretly wants you to give him respect all the time and he thinks he deserves that just because he's a man. Such a man needs therapy! Stay Away!

He Cracks Jokes On Women

When both of you are out on a date whenever he sees any woman being moody or frustrated, he cracks jokes saying "She must be on her period!" Such a man will be thrashed by other women soon! Keep Away!

He Believes In Gender Roles

He thinks you are the one who needs to cook and serve food at home after marriage. He tries to discourage if you discuss your career goals. Such a man will live in misery and may expect you to live in misery if you truly love him! Move on!

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He Thinks You Need Help

He perceives women as helpless and constantly tries to poke nose into your activities in the name of helping you out.

He Has His Own Idea Of How A Woman Should Live Her Life

Projecting his ideas of how a woman should dress up, behave and live her life is one symptom of a controlling man.

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