How To Deal With Trust Issues

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Firstly, remember this. There is nothing wrong to have doubts occasionally. We are all human beings. And sometimes, it is not easy for us to trust someone blindly. Evil thoughts do come and go for a while and that is how suspicion starts.

So, if you are suffering with trust issues or if your partner has trust issues, don't worry. It is okay to have such issues in any relationship. They are temporary. They will vanish once you talk.

If you don't talk about them, then you may end up showing your frustration in some other area. That could kill the relationship.


Tip #1

There is nothing wrong in talking about anything under the sun when you are in a committed relationship.

So, if you want to ask your boyfriend who he's taking out for dinner, go ahead. Instead of silently doubting him, suspecting him and imagining crazy things in your head, talk about it.


Tip #2

Suppose your girlfriend is going to meet her friend. And you're not sure whether she is going to meet a guy or a girl.

You are not really comfortable with that. What would you do? Ensure that you don't hurt her with your words. There is nothing wrong in asking her where she is going but if your tone sounds bad, she may get hurt.


Tip #3

If you have a doubt that your guy has a crush over his female boss, there is nothing wrong in asking about it. Yes, it is quite natural to have some doubts on each other.


Tip #4

If your partner has trust issues then sit and clear the air. Assure him or her. Tell your partner that you are not interested in anyone else.

Do everything to convince him or her. Even then if your partner curbs your freedom then you may need to think twice. But if your partner gets convinced, then you can happily go ahead.


Tip #5

If your partner has trust issues, feel good for a moment. Maybe because you are too beautiful he's feeling insecure.

If you are a man, your handsome look might have temporarily made her feel insecure. Chill out. But ensure that you erase doubts with your words.


Tip #6

All doubt comes from fear and insecurity. Suspicion could be triggered by many factors. But if you value your relationship, do everything to clear your doubts (or your partner's doubts) without doing any damage to your relationship.


Tip #7

Relationships are divine. Remember that even temples have to be cleaned before you start your worship.

In the same way, even your relationship needs to be cleaned before you start enjoying a beautiful life. So, there is nothing wrong in talking about ugly things if your objective is cleansing the beautiful relationship.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 4, 2017, 17:10 [IST]
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