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Do Men And Women See Things Differently?

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Men and women are same on certain levels but very different in some areas. For example, the perceptions and observations of men and women could be totally different.

Even when they are made to look at the same object, their perceptions and observations could be totally different!

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To study the same, researchers once made a group of men and women sit in a room and asked them to note down their first observations.

Here are some of the results of the study.


How The Study Was Conducted

As a part of the study, researchers divided men and women into two different groups. All of them were made to sit in a big hall. They were asked to note down their first thoughts when someone walks on the dais.


The First Thoughts Of Men

A tall woman walked on the dais. Well, the first thought of most of the men was: Is she taller than me?

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The First Thoughts Of Women

Unlike men, the women in the hall had their eyes on different things. They observed the dressing sense of the woman. Their first thoughts revolved around small details like the brand of the scarf, handbag and sandals etc.


What Did Men Observe?

The next thing that men observed was physical beauty. Men noticed the breast size and thighs of the woman who walked in. Some shy men noticed only the cute smile of the woman.


What Did Women Observe?

Well, the initial thoughts of women revolved around the cellulite, fat on the thighs and the brittle uncombed hair of the woman on the dais!

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When Else Did Men Observe?

When men noticed awesome lips, women wondered what kind of lipstick or make-up products the woman used.


What's The Bottom Line?

When men perceived her as hot, women in the same hall perceived her as confident. This way, men and women tend to have their own set of observations even when they are made to look at the same person, object or event!

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