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Super Annoying Things All Boyfriends Do!

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There are certain annoying things all guys do. Generally, any boyfriend tries to be pleasing and nice with his girlfriend. But sometimes, unknowingly some things cause irritation to the girlfriend.

The problem is, even when the girl openly expresses displeasure, boyfriends don't take a quick step to change. This is among the annoying things all guys do.

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If you are a man in a relationship then you might need to know what annoys your girlfriend. If you are a woman then are you wondering what could be those annoying things all boyfriends do? Then read on.


Sleeping Till 11 AM

He promises to come for Sunday shopping and doesn't even show up. When you call, you realise that he's still in bed! It irritates you! Almost all boyfriends do such things.


He Gets Lovey-Dovey When You're Trying To Explain Him Something Serious!

That kills the seriousness, right? On one side, you are trying to explain him something very important and he tries to get lovey-dovey and tries to kiss you while you are busy talking!

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Feeling Insecure When Hanging Out With Your Male Bestie

He happily hangs out with his female pals and if you just go for shopping with that male friend of yours, he sulks and doesn't talk for an hour. It irritates you!


Telling Too Much About How You Should Dress Up

He tries to dictate the length of your skirt while you are in no mood to even wear a skirt for the evening party.

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Trying To Call You When You Want Space

You are upset with something and just want to stay alone for some time. But he keeps calling you. Seeing continuous missed calls, you answer the phone and show your irritation. He simply says you are over reacting to every small thing though he intruded your privacy in the first place.


Forcing You To Be Friends With His Best Female Friend

He hangs out with his female friend and also expects you to treat her well. That sounds ridiculous to you as you never found his female friends your wave length.

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Being Selfish During Foreplay

What irritates you in bed is he makes foreplay a messy thing. He is all over you trying to do 5 things at a time and does nothing well!!


Never Being Able To Handle Any Task Assigned To Him

You ask him to get something from the shop and he gets something else. That irritates you like crazy as your instructions never seem to get into his head.

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