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Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse

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The need to control others could trouble both the controller and the controlled according to relationship experts. The moment we try to exercise power in our relationships, the beauty is lost.

Surveys indicate that most of the breakups occur when one partner tries to control the other instead of accepting. Of course, when accepting a person who is totally different is impossible, choosing someone similar to you might help you a bit as it erases the need to control.

Now, let us discuss why controlling is counter-productive to a beautiful relationship.

Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse

Your Spouse Feels Suffocated
People who are always told what to do and how to do tend to feel suffocated and arrested in the relationship. This will make them regret their relationship decision.

Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse 2

Your Spouse May Rebel
When you constantly try to control, one fine day, your spouse could rebel making things uglier for you. You may no longer exercise power after someone rebels or walks out.

Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse 4

Though You Are Right, You'll Be Misunderstood
Sometimes, your intentions could be right. But if you force the other person towards your viewpoint, you will be misunderstood.

Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse 5

Your Spouse May Try To Do The Same
Many psychologists say that some people may imitate their partners after some time. So, gradually your spouse may also try to control you as a revenge strategy.

Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse 6

It Contradicts Personal Freedom
Relationships are there to set two people free. If a relationship binds two people, then it is not worth it.

Why You Shouldn’t Control Your Spouse 7

It Develops Hatred
If your spouse obeys you but hates you, would it be okay? Well, then that is what happens when you try to control your partner too much.

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Story first published: Friday, October 28, 2016, 8:35 [IST]
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