Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent?

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Your emotions may sometimes hijack your behaviour. They may make you cry or shout out loud. Emotions are overwhelming. In fact, they may curb your rational mind for some time.

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That is why when you are extremely emotional, you tend to take irrational decisions. But does it mean that you don't need any emotions? No, that would make you look like a stone as it is perfectly natural to experience emotions as a human being.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent

But what we need more is emotional intelligence. It is nothing but the ability to intelligently control or manage your emotions in order to drive them in a constructive way.

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As a human being, it is better to cultivate emotional intelligence. Also, it is better to find a partner who has emotional intelligence. Are you wondering why?

Here are some reasons why you must choose an emotionally intelligent partner.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent1

Emotionally intelligent people can understand their emotions better. They can also understand their partner's emotions better. This will help them deal with the emotional issues of a relationship.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent2

Emotionally intelligent people are always curious to know about their partner more. This makes them care for their partners and also know them inside out.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent3

Emotionally intelligent people are able to adapt to new situations faster. They are also flexible. This makes them better in their human relationships.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent4

When your partner is emotionally intelligent, he or she can know your strengths and weaknesses. Such a relationship will help you grow.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent5

Emotionally intelligent people don't get easily hurt. They don't sit and cry for hours together. They don't feel depressed with the slightest turn of fate. So, being with such a person is healthy for your relationship.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent6

Emotionally intelligent people look at the bigger picture. Suppose an argument starts and takes an ugly turn, they choose to remain silent even though they are right, just to bring in some peace instead of rising the heat.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent7

They forgive mistakes and choose to forget them instead of carrying the load further,. That brings more positivity.

Is Your Partner Emotionally Intelligent9

They won't try to change you and they never expect total perfection from the relationship. As they can understand life better, a relationship with them seems effortless.

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