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Why Men Should Resist Their Temptations?

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It all starts with having a crush on someone. It could be a neighbour, a colleague, or a classmate- when you have a crush on someone, your desire will start driving you further.

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In that particular juncture, you must be wise enough to take the right decision. A man must ask himself whether lust is driving him or it is love that is moving him.

When lust drives you, you are going to experience certain issues that might stagnate your life for a while. As lust is misleading and addictive, you might end up taking a wrong decision.

Of course, looking at the external beauty of a woman, if you blindly take several steps further, you might have to sit and cry after marriage. Finding a life partner is not about finding an erotic person to break the bed. It is more about finding the right companionship that may keep you peaceful for the rest of your life.

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So, don't jump into the bed without knowing whether she is your soul mate. Quick pleasures may burn your fingers in the fire of passion. Read on to know the reasons...


Temptation Could Blind Your Mind

Lust can be very powerful. It can blind your mind. Once you start eyeing her physically, you tend to miss out to see her emotional side and this may have several repercussions later on.


You Might Regret Later On

Any decision taken in the bedroom may not be logical. It may not work out if you solely judge a person depending upon how good she is in bed. Compatibility is more important than how steamy your session was.


You Might Get Attached

When you start getting used to sneak into the bedroom with her before marriage, you tend to get addicted to her physically and this may serve no purpose if you find her incompatible later on.


You Might Get Confused

Yes, lust confuses men so much. Though they clearly feel that a relationship never works, lust can make them think that it might work but it is a temporary feeling. When lust fades out, only regrets will prevail.


What If You Find Someone Else?

When you are with a woman only for physical needs, later on, when you find the real compatible match, you might regret as you won't have the freedom to walk away from your current relationship.


You Might Get Addicted

Like many other addictions, even lust can wreck your life. An alcoholic addict tends to wreck his economy and a lust-addict tends to wreck his personal life.


Manipulations May Start Off Soon....

If the person with whom you are involved physically comes to know that you are addicted, she might start manipulating you for personal gains especially if she is someone who has the habit of exploiting relations.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 6:04 [IST]
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