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Why All Men Crave For Tall Women

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Short women don't need to worry reading this. Though men like tall women, it doesn't mean that height is the only important factor they consider. But height is surely a plus point.

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Tall women tend to carry themselves well and most of the dressing styles suit them well. And then subconsciously, men tend to think that a tall wife can guarantee tall children. This could be a biological reason why their eyes seem to be glued to tall women.

But wait, most of the surveys show conflicting results. A majority of men have settled down with shorter women and only 17% of the men seem to have chosen partners taller than them.

So, don't worry if all the male colleagues in you office stare at only the tall women. They'll just stare but when it comes to marriage, they may choose women shorter than them.

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Now, let us discuss some reasons why tall women are attractive.


They're Confident

Even short women can look confident. But tall women carry an air of confidence effortlessly. Their body language shows their confidence every time they move.


They've Long Legs

Generally, tall women have long legs. And yes, men crave for long legs. Long legs are a symbol of sensuality and this is why men go mad looking at long toned legs.


They're Noticeable

Yes, tall women easily fall in the eyes of men as they are noticeable even when they are amidst a big crowd.


They Look Like Super Models

All super models are tall and this makes men perceive tall women like that. Maybe the media and the advertising industry has played a role in tweaking the body image of women.


When A Tall Woman Wears A Skirt....

Men simply lose interest in eating food for that day looking at the mere sight of a tall woman walking around gracefully wearing a skirt.


Graceful Movements

Tall women are capable of graceful movements as they are gifted with a beautiful and flexible body. Well, it doesn't mean that short women are any less. They too are graceful but tall women have an additional advantage of height to make them more noticeable.


Does Height Matter In Relationships?

Well, though tall women score well in appearance, when it comes to a relationship, height isn't the only factor that binds a couple. Other factors like compatibility, intimacy and understanding take the front seat.

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