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Why Women Like To Cuddle After 'That'?

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A survey claims that a majority of women prefer to cuddle up for some time after a lovemaking session. Men generally prefer napping or having a cup of coffee after a steamy act.

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Generally, women expect the man to talk for a while during cuddling but men generally get up from the bed and have a few puffs of smoke or a cup of coffee.

Some men are even worse. They simply dress up and leave the place as if they don't even know the woman. Such men never score well with women.

When it comes to women, all their 'kick' comes from the cuddling session. Even if its a one night stand, a woman expects a man to cuddle up and make her feel special.

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Now, let us look into the other reasons why women expect men to cuddle.


Reason #1

Cuddling prolongs the intimacy between the couple. It is a sign of eagerness to extend the bliss of the union. If you ignore her needs and simply fall asleep, she'll surely be disappointed.


Reason #2

Cuddling strengthens the bond. In fact, most of the bonds are deepened during the cuddling stage; not during the love making stage. When you are busy making love, you tend to focus more on pleasure than on bonding.


Reason #3

Cuddling shows that you are not there just for the sex. Yes, women hate it when a man gets into the bedroom only for that. So, be a man and prove to her that she is more than a lovemaking human being.


Reason #4

Cuddling makes her feel secure. The best way to make your woman feel secure is by hugging, kissing on the forehead and cuddling.


Reason #5

Cuddling creates sweet memories. Your sub-conscious mind remembers the cuddling part more than the friction game though love making gives you all the pleasure.


Reason #6

Cuddling is like a dessert after a meal. It completes the whole session with grace. Without it, your meal feels incomplete.


Reason #7

Cuddling leads to talking. You can discuss or declare your love towards her. She needs a compliment after the lovemaking. Give it and tell her how beautiful she is and how close she is to your heart. Make her day with your words after you have satisfied her with your acts.

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