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What Happens When You Like Two People?

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Sometimes it may happen. You may like two people and fall in love with both of them! It is tough to find all desirable qualities you want in a single person. So, when you come across those qualities in two people, you may get attracted to both of them.

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Bur wait; that could be a dangerous situation. Attraction is lethal. Once you fall into it, you may not be able to come out, as your rational mind fails to work.

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What Happens When You Like Two People?

And if you are thinking that it is cool to like two people and have fun, then here are some issues that you may face if you you don't choose one and and let go of the other.

What Happens When You Like Two Women At The Same Time?

What Happens When You Like Two People1

It Will Confuse You More
When you have only one potential woman to fall in love, you will not have nay second thoughts. But if you have two, you will get more confused because you need to choose only one which makes the other angry.

What Happens When You Like Two People2

You Will Start Comparing Them
Another problem is that your mind starts comparing both of them. Actually, each human being is unique and can't be compared with any other person. But when you have two women in your circle showing interest in you, you may tend to compare them in terms of beauty and intelligence and so on.

What Happens When You Like Two People3

You Tend To Seek Their Attention
When you are confused, you tend to seek both of their attention by trying to please both of them. This will be a foolish thing to do as gradually, you may get tired of your games and pretensions.

You Will Lose Both Of Them4

You Will Lose Both Of Them
One fine day, both of them will come to know that you are trying to enjoy their company without revealing your actual intentions. That day, both of them may leave you and move on.

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