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12 Signs He's A Narcissist

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The most dangerous type of people in relationships are the narcissists. They can drastically affect others around them and make everyone feel drained.

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you tend to feel broken, damaged, abused and drained. You feel overpowered by the other person and you tend to undergo torture which makes you a wreck. It is better to keep such people at a distance once you know that one is a narcissist.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist

Abusing others is unhealthy. In the same way, tolerating abuse is also unhealthy. If your boyfriend is a narcissist who makes your life hell, it is better to move on to find healthy people to share your life with.
Now, here are some signs to recognise such a person.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist1

He Criticizes You All The Time

As he is insecure inside, he tends to criticise everyone around him. He tries to cover his mistakes and weaknesses by throwing the blame on others.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist3

He Is Charming
When they want something from you, he tries to be very charming and impressive. But once he gets what he wants, he is again his old self.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist4

He Makes You Apologise For His Mistakes
He tries to make you think that even his mistakes are yours and he demands an apology.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist5

You Tend To Feel Empty
If you are with a person suffering from this disorder, you will never feel loved. You tend to feel empty and depressed all the time.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist6

He Tells A Lot Of Lies
Generally narcissistic people are good in telling lies, tweaking truths according to their convenience and also cheating others for their selfish needs.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist7

He Is Stubborn
You can never argue with him or win him as he is so stubborn to look at your point of view.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist8

He Lacks Empathy
He never shows any sympathy or empathy as he is only concerned about his happiness. He seldom cares about how you are.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist9

He Envies Others
If someone else has what he wants, he tends to feel jealous of them and secretly tries to destroy them as he craves power.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist10

He Tries To Gain Power Over You And Control You
He constantly keeps you under his grip. You tend to feel suffocated as he never lets you enjoy your time.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist11

He Acts Like The Victim
Though he does all the bad things, he acts like the victim and accuses of all the torture. He makes you feel guilty all the time for things which you have never done.

12 Signs He's A Narcissist12

He Overreacts If You Criticise Him
He tends to scream or shout loudly if you criticise him even a bit. He never takes feedback or any kind of mild criticism.

He Needs Constant Attention
He demands your attention all the time and never lets you be yourself even for single moment.

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