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What To Do If You’re Attracted To A Married Woman

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Yes, it happens sometimes. You get attracted to a woman and then the attraction grows into love. And one fine day, she reveals that she is already married. What would you do then?

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Would you sit and cry? Would you kill your feelings inside your heart and live like a stone? Will your feelings disappear all of a sudden?

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How to manage the heartbreak? Well, firstly it is important to realise that love is different and attachment is different. Don't get too attached with anyone but love that person. There is nothing wrong in loving someone inside your heart. Now read on...


Set Boundaries First

Once you know that the woman you got attracted to is married, draw the lines and stay back. You can't cross your boundaries with a married woman. Her husband might kick you!


Make It Clear That Your Affection Is Uncontaminated

If you have been too open in expressing your affection till that point when you realised that she's married, ensure that you also tell her that you weren't expecting physical pleasures. Tell her how pure your affection towards her is.


Maintain Safe Distance But Don't Disappear

You don't need to suddenly disappear just because you realised that she is married. Of course, if you can cut all bonds immediately and move on, that's fine. But otherwise, you can just maintain safe distance and still keep talking to her only when she needs your company.


Be Clear About Future

What are your expectations? You can't expect anything from a married woman. So, be clear in your mind that you have to marry someone else. Don't pin your hopes on her and don't expect that she'll leave her husband for you.


Never Cross The Limits

Never ever try to get physical with her as that would be unhealthy. You might feel guilty even if you do something secretly.


Don't Invade Her Space

Never disturb her by overwhelming her with your calls or texts. That would invade her space. Also, remember that her family needs her attention more.


Be Ready For Anything

In the future, if she walks into your life saying that her husband has left her, then you can accept her but otherwise, stay away from her life as much as possible as you don't want her to think of you while she is happily living with her husband.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 24, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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