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How To Attract A Single Mom

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Remember this: Single moms aren't looking for handsome studs; neither do they fall for your biceps or six packs. They want something else in a man. What's that? Read on...

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Well, single moms are single for some reason. They are either divorced or they lost the man for good. Widows generally take more time to come out of the grief of a lost one. So, they don't generally look around for a partner immediately.

Even divorced women who are single moms take some time to come out of the separation anxiety. A very small percentage of them may slowly develop interest to marry again.

Bur wait! They generally prefer marrying again not to get cozy with a husband but to have a father figure to the child. Now, you must have understood what single moms generally look for.

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Yes, you are right. They look for a father figure in a man than anything else. Now carefully read...


You Must Be Patient

Firstly, single moms aren't in a hurry. They take their own time to even open up. So, be patient. Also, they want a patient man in their lives because raising a kid needs lots of patience.


Be More Understanding

You are going to be in the role of a father soon. So if you don't have an understanding nature, she will soon reject you.


Are You Kind-Hearted?

Your muscles and six pack are nothing if you aren't kind hearted. Raising kids needs a selfless heart. Do you have it in you?


Are You Proactive?

If you are a passive guy who waits for the woman to take the first step then you are going to lose her. As a single mom, she doesn't feel comfortable to ask you out. You have to take that initiative.


Do You Have Emotional Intelligence?

As a man, you are expected to keep your emotions under control. Also, you are expected to give her emotional support whenever she feels like crying remembering her past. Do you have that strength?


Supportive Nature

If she wishes to quit her job to give more attention to her kid, are you willing to support her decision? Well, this is an important aspect.


Are You Game For A Challenge?

Single moms have learnt a lot of lessons. They won't fall for weak men. They have understood what it takes to lead a life. So, only if you are strong inside, they will trust you that you can win over the challenges that life throws at you. So, stop relying on your muscles and build up some true inner strength.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 6:23 [IST]
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