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What Kind Of Guys Do Nerdy Women Like?

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Frankly speaking, nerdy women want a man with a head, not the guy who has bulging muscles or six pack. Yes, nerdy women want to talk, listen and share opinions. A guy with muscles can't pull it off.

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Also, a guy who spends all his time in the gym tends to have poor levels of general knowledge as he seldom reads books.

Nerdy women are allergic to dumb men and they give least preference to the so-called manly traits especially if intelligence is not there.

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So, if you have a crush on a nerdy woman around, read these points carefully and know what she likes and dislikes.


A Guy Who Reads

Reading indicates an appetite to know new things. Readers do have knowledge on various subjects and this makes them look attractive.


A Guy Who Is Passionate

A man who is totally into an area which he loves tends to look very attractive to nerdy women. Yes, a man who dedicates his time for some or the other goal or activity looks attractive.


A Guy Who Can Speak

Wait, we are not looking at fluency in any language. A guy who can speak and express his ideas and present his knowledge in an impressive way is surely a winner in the eyes of a nerdy girl.


A Guy With An Opinion

A guy who has a different opinion and outlook towards everything around the world is also interesting.


A Guy Who Can Create A Mystery

Normal guys seldom interest the nerdy girl. A guy who keeps her guessing with every act of his and a guy who is totally like a riddle can fit the bill.


A Guy Who Can Emote

Generally, women think that men are dry and devoid of any emotions. But frankly speaking, some men can be emotional and they manage their emotions very intelligently. Such men are good for nerdy girls.


A Guy Who Can Teach

This doesn't mean that you must be a school teacher. Nerdy women like a guy who constantly learns something new and teaches the same to her and updates her.


A Guy Who Has Good Taste

Whether it is his clothes, gadgets, cars, bikes or house, his taste should reflect in everything. Such a man who has good taste can work well for nerdy girls.

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