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What Happens If You Praise Her Too Much

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When men fall in love with someone the first thing that happens is they lose sleep. They might suddenly perceive the woman as an ethereal being and this may make them praise her too much.

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In fact, there are some scientific reasons behind why men feel like praising women. They derive a kick out of it due to certain chemical reactions that occur in their brain when they develop deep feelings for a woman.

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Yes, every man should be able to enjoy that phase once. But what if you keep praising her too much? Only mature, intelligent and wise women can take compliments without getting them into their heads. Some women who get carried away with compliments may perceive you in different ways.

Let us discuss about this....


She May Sit On Your Head

If you praise your teenage girlfriend, she will surely sit on your head and may start commanding you. But wait; not all women are like that. Mature women tend to take it with pinch of salt and stay grounded.


She Might Think You Are Desperate

Some mature women may see you like someone who is desperate for a woman if your mouth doesn't stop praising constantly.


She Might Start Taking You For Granted

This is a problem that you might face if you are after a teenage girl who hasn't got the exposure to understand men in general. Yes, such a girl may easily take you for granted.


She'll Get Addicted To You

Imagine this situation. We tend to get addicted to people who make us feel good. What if she gets addicted to you? She may expect lots of attention in that case which is unhealthy for the relationship.


She May Think That You Have Evil Intentions

Some men tend to praise only to woo a woman and set a trap. So, it is better to come across like a gentleman rather than a man with evil intentions.


She May Think You're Cheap

Yes, a man who praises a woman at the drop of the hat may look more like a creep and that's cheap. So, refrain from giving irrational and unnecessary compliments.


She'll Marry You And Expect You To Praise Her Throughout Life

This is the biggest danger. What if she marries you and asks you to praise her all her life? Well, it isn't practical. It is natural to feel like worshiping a woman during the first phase of a relationship. But after that, you can love her till your last breath but you can't spend your whole day writing poetry about her.

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Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2016, 5:28 [IST]
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