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What Happens If You Are Just Friends With Hot Girl

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At a particular age, the only goal of any man would be to have a hot girlfriend. Why would they want a hot girlfriend? Well, other men would envy them. And men want to show off. They want to feel manly and capable.

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But unfortunately, every man cannot afford to have a hot girlfriend. Only a few guys who are either smart or rich can afford to even confidently talk to hot girls. So the rest of the men keep craving for the moment most of the time.

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But what if they get a chance to just be friends with a hot girl? Well, a hot girl could either be a classmate or a new colleague in the office. In such a case, what goes in inside the head of a man? What would happen if a hot girl agrees to be 'just' a friend of yours? Read on...


All Your Male Friends Feel Jealous Of You

And that is what you want. You friends keep staring at you feeling jealous inside.


You Start Wearing Fashionable Clothes

You suddenly become more conscious of your looks, grooming and body odour.


You Brag A Lot In Front Of Your Friends

You tell your friends stories about how you managed to woo her. You also brag about your manliness in front of them. As your friends don't know that the hot girl is treating you only like a friend, they believe your stories.


You Curse Yourself For Being 'Just A Friend' Of Hers

Deep inside, you feel like crying. You hate yourself for not being able to be her boyfriend.


You Pray God To Make Her Treat You Like A Boyfriend

Of course, what else can you do in such a situation?


You Try To Take A Selfie With Her

You at least want a selfie with her so that you can brag for your whole life showing that picture to your friends. But she pushes you away and takes her selfie alone whenever you ask for a selfie.


You Keep Praising Her In Every Conversation

You think women will fall for compliments. So, you keep praising her at the drop of the hat. Though women enjoy compliments, they won't fall for any man just because of praising.


Evil Thoughts Keep Disturbing You

When you have a hot girl as your friend, the toughest challenge is controlling your mind. Day in and day out, your mind will be thinking only about her cleavage.


You Roll On Your Bed Every Night Dreaming About Her

You lose sleep. You hug the pillow and keep dreaming every night about your marriage with her though you act like her friend.


But....All Of A Sudden, One Fine Day....

One fine day, she tells you that she already has a boyfriend and introduces him to you! That would be the shock of your life. Your glucose levels drop all of a sudden and tears start rolling.


But What Would You Tell Others?

In order to cover up your stupidity and look like a hero in the eyes of your friends, you tell them that you are bored of that hot girl; you tell them that you deserve something more than what you have and therefore, you moved on. You tell that a man should never settle so easily. And your friends treat you like a hero.....but only until they realise the true story!!

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