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Why Women Scratch In Bed

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Not all, but some women do scratch the shoulders or the back of a man during an intense session of intercourse. But of course, this may not be a regular act.

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Some women make it a habit whereas some women do it occasionally when the intensity of pleasure hist the ceiling.

Some men who are new to this kind of bed behaviour may wonder what the woman is up to. Some may perceive the woman as a psycho path for scratching and some men may think that unless a woman scratches, she isn't really satisfied in bed.

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Most of such opinions are misconceptions because there are several random reasons why some woman scratch or never scratch. Read on...


Its Is An Expression Of Arousal

If she scratches you, it could mean that she is thoroughly enjoying your performance. So, feel proud instead of worrying about the pain.


She Has Missed You Since Long

Maybe she has waited too long to just touch you. It has excited her entire system so much that she has scratched you out of love.


There Was A Long Gap

Maybe both of you didn't get a chance to do dirty things since quite some time. So, she's thrilled by the sudden excitement and couldn't bear the intensity of your performance.


By Accident

Some women don't intentionally scratch. It could happen by accident. Maybe she was trying to hold you tight and during that process scratching must have occurred.


Its An Attempt To Get Into You Deeply

During an intense love making session, both men and women literally try to get into each other and scratching is a symbolical way expressing the desire to go deep into the other person.


To Tell That You Are Her Property

Some women want to leave a mark on a man to just signify that the man is her property. Its like kids writing their names on walls or objects just to leave their mark on it.


To Feel Dominant

Some powerful women who just want to feel dominating by doing something intense in bed tend to scratch vigorously and derive some kind of pleasure from the act.


To Take Revenge

Maybe she is just trying to take revenge on you during intercourse. If she is scratching till you bleed, then you can doubt her actual intentions. She cleverly took revenge without giving room for suspicion.


It Turns Her On

Some women get turned on only when they are allowed to do certain things. So, until she scratches you, may be she doesn't get the satisfaction from the act.

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