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8 Levels Of Passionate Experience In Women

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According to certain old Asian belief systems, there are certain levels of ecstasy that a woman experiences when she is stimulated.

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And each of the levels are said to be connected to certain organs or systems in the body. Though all the levels of experience might not occur in a serial order, understanding about them can help a man gauge what is going on when he is busy trying to pass the examination.

The problem with many men is that they know very less about what works well with women. And moreover, they are selfish about their needs and this puts off women.

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Now, let us discuss about certain levels of pleasure and how various reactions in her body signify the process.


First Level

Firstly, the lungs get ready for the whole journey. This is the phase when a woman starts breathing deeply, sighs and even salivates.


Second Level

Her heart starts beating fast as it gets stimulated and gets ready to prepare the entire system for a pleasure trip. Also, some theories claim that the tip of your tongue has direct connections with the heart. As a passionate kiss stimulates the tongue, the heart may start beating fast.


Third Level

In this level, the stomach, pancreas and spleen are activated. This is why some women bite (as if they want to eat away the person) and hold the man tightly.


Fourth Level

In this level, the bladder and the kidneys play a role. This is why the secretions in the privates start. Certain muscles seem to relax in the lower areas.


Fifth Level

Bones and joints will start loosening and the pleasure reaches a new level. The body eases up a bit.


Sixth Level

When the nervous system gets stimulated, a woman starts moving like a snake on the bed and clasps the man.


Seventh Level

When the blood begins to boil, scratching becomes a norm in some women. Some women can't do without scratching.


Eighth Level

When the entire body is stimulated, she would collapse out of pleasure. That is the actual point of climax.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 5:24 [IST]
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