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Signs Your Girlfriend Is Jealous

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There are some beautiful emotions whereas there are some ugly ones too. Jealousy is among them. But we can't help it. Most of us feel jealous at least once in a lifetime.

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During childhood, when others score well in academics or when others around you get more chocolates from parents, you tend to feel jealous.

Once we reach adulthood, we tend to feel jealous for other things. In this post, let us discuss about the jealousy in relationships.

Initially, when your girlfriend feels jealous or possessive, you tend to feel good and superior in the relationship. But later on, jealousy may pose problems whether it is from your side or from her side.

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Generally, jealousy in relationships comes from a fear of losing a loved one. It gradually breeds insecurity and makes lives tougher for both the partners. Read on to know whether your girlfriend is jealous of you.


Sign #1

She feels uncomfortable when you talk to any other woman in her presence.


Sign #2

She tries to be clingy. She never lets you stay alone. She will try to accompany you everywhere.


Sign #3

She tries to browse through the profile pictures of all the women in your friends' circle. She wonders whether any of them is more beautiful than her.


Sign #4

When you talk to anyone on phone, she looks at you in a suspicious manner. She worries whether you have another girlfriend somewhere.


Sign #5

She'll fight with you for unknown reasons as her jealousy makes her doubt you too much.


Sign #6

When you don't pick her call on the first ring or answer her texts immediately, she asks you whether you are making out with another girl.


Sign #7

When you are busy in the loo, she tries to check your phone and the latest texts to see whether you have anyone else other than her.

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