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Signs You Should Stop Pursuing Her

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When a man tries to pursue a woman, he goes by many signals that he gets from her in the initial stage. Of course, before you totally know someone how can you even talk and try to know about the intentions of the other person?

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So, you just started looking at this woman in your proximity and she too smiled at you occasionally. But nothing else happens. She never lets you take another step forward. And she never lets you move on.

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Whenever you feel like moving on, you tend to ignore her. That is when she will again renew interest in you by giving you a smile. You will again start running after her but she never lets you advance. Are these signs you should stop pursuing her? Read on...


She's Playing With You

You somehow feel that she's just playing with you by enjoying all the attention you give her. She seldom does anything else to keep you happy though she enjoys your attention.


She Never Starts A Conversation

If it is you trying to talk to her all the time and she does nothing to even initiate a conversation even after months of your first meeting then it is time you move on.


She Gives Positive Signals But...

She makes you think that she's interested but seldom lets you take the story beyond that point for months together.


She Seldom Answers Your Texts With Enthusiasm

She seldom answers your calls or texts. Even if she answers, she does it in a dry way without any emotion just like a machine. She seldom showers her love in those texts.


She Seldom Comes Out With You

Though you ask her out and invite her for a lunch, she never comes out with you. This would surely disappoint you.


She Lives In Her Own World

Most of the time, she lives in her own world dreaming about something and this may confuse you as you don't know whether you are a part of her dreams.


She Is Close With Everyone Else Except You

She talks to everyone around you except you. She smiles at everyone around you except you. Though she gives you signals that she's interested, if she isn't speaking to you openly, you may not take it to the next level comfortably.


She Makes You Feel Nervous In Her Company

If you feel nervous to talk to a girl or if you feel intimidated to share your feelings with a girl even after many months then it clearly means that it is better to stop pursuing her.


She Just Tries To Keep You Interested

Some girls would just want to keep a guy interested but don't like to get serious or take the relationship further. If you are stuck with such a person, console yourself and move on.

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