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What Makes Your Relationship Toxic?

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All relationships are beautiful in the first few days or weeks or even months. But then starts the real challenge. The true qualities of each partner would start showing up.

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Your insecurities come out, your complaining nature comes out, the blame game starts and that is when the strength of your relationship comes to a test.

Gradually, the beauty fades out and the ugliness of the relationship takes over. That is when it turns toxic. The problem with toxic relationships is that they gradually turn abusive. They rob your peace of mind.

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Frankly speaking, it isn't healthy to continue in a relationship where you always feel tired, drained and frustrated. It is better to be single than to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Now, here are some signs of such a relationship.


You Keep Accusing Each Other

Accusing is very easy. Living up to expectations is tough. If both of you are always accusing each of you then your relationship can never grow.


You Project Your Insecurities

If you have a habit of feeling restless and throwing the frustration of insecurity on your partner then your relationship will soon turn toxic.


You Keep Breaking Up And Patching Up

If you observe a trend where you break up every alternate day and patch up again then it is very unhealthy for your relationship.


Every Conversation Leaves You Drained

If talking or chatting with your partner itself drains you, then it could mean that you need a break or even a breakup.


You Are Scared To Even Meet Her

Do you feel scared to meet your partner for any reason? Then you have already made your relationship toxic.


You Are Always Worried

When you are in a relationship, it should keep you happy all the time. On the contrary, if you are constantly worried then maybe it has turned toxic.


You Always Complain

Blaming each other or complaining will never work. If that keeps happening on a daily basis then you have already missed the flavour of a beautiful relationship and made it toxic.

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