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When You Date A Writer...

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Writers are interesting people. Especially, the ones who are romantic, could surely be more interesting ones to date. They seem to have an ocean of love inside them.

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But when you take a closer look at them, some writers literally smoke tons of cigarettes, drink lots of coffee, listen to non-stop music and ignore social life- all to write just a paragraph of something inspiring.

So, to put in a nutshell, if you are okay with such people, then your relationship would be the most memorable one in your life. But if you aren't into the out-of-the-world kind of a person then you may take time to understand how writers operate.

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Intellectual life gives them kick. Romance gives them high. Addictions tend to become part of their food and reading tends to be the only indoor activity they seem to enjoy. Now, what happens when you date a writer? Read on...


You Will Get Love Letters

This will surely give you kick. Starting your day with a love letter would be the most beautiful experience. He will treat you like a queen or a heroine in his life in all his letters.


You Will Become His Muse

Every creative person needs a source to draw inspiration from. Generally, writers are observers and they get inspiration from daily life. So, you will become his muse and this will give you kick.


All His Mails Are Lengthy (He Talks Less, Writes More)

Whether he sends you a text or a mail, everything will be lengthy because he prefers to write more and talk less. He wold love to express through writing than speaking.


It Is Tough To Understand His Actual Intentions

As writers tend to be a mystery to others, sometimes it might get difficult for you to understand him. Also, you never know whether other women are attracted to him. Some writers do have secret lives.


He Will Be Okay With His Solitude

He needs his space and gives you your space. Also, he seldom bothers you by texting constantly as he loves his solitude first and then your company.


He Expresses Most Of His Feelings Through His Writings

Most of his emotions like anger, joy, ecstacy and love are predominantly reflected in his work more than in his real life.


He Knows How To Turn You On With His Words

Yes, artists and writers are very good in bed as they can stimulate you with simple words too. Their approach towards love making would be sensitive and artistic and this brings more beauty to even dirty acts.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 11:10 [IST]
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