Signs She Isn't Physically Attracted To You

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Just like men even women tend to have certain favourite physical traits. Of course, when they choose a life partner, they may or may not really look for physical attraction.

So, if a woman is in a relationship with you, it doesn't mean she is physically attracted. There could be various other reasons apart from the physical factor. In some cases, even physical attraction could also be there along with compatibility and other aspects.

How to know whether your woman likes your body too? Here are some signs she isn't physically attracted to you.


Sign #1

Though she is in a relationship with you, she never shows any interest to get naked with you. Every time you plan for a steamy date, she comes up with lame excuses. This is one sign.


Sign #2

Whenever you talk about 'steamy stuff', she talks about other handsome men and her imaginary fantasies with them.


Sign #3

She seldom gives a hug. Even if you try to hug, she may simply move aside without letting you hug.


Sign #4

She is indifferent and shows no interest in meeting you physically or coming close to you.


Sign #5

She criticises your body and makes you feel unattractive. She might keep saying how a man should look like which makes you realise that you aren't her favourite body types.


Sign #6

Her body language gives you lots of clues. When you try to move closer, her hands keep pushing you away gently.


Sign #7

In some cases, the woman openly tells her male partner that she isn't physically attracted towards him.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 27, 2016, 12:34 [IST]
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