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LOVE= Loss Of Valuable Energy!

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Love is worth it and can never be considered as waste of time or energy. But certain silly things that we do in the name of love aren't really worth it.

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The word love has different meanings to different people. Also, its meaning seems to change with age too. When you are too young, infatuation seems to be love.

That is the age where you tend to do certain dumb things thinking that its true love. You tend to imagine a beautiful love story and try to play a role in it.

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But after everything fails, you tend to realise that it is loss of valuable energy and time. That is how you mature and grow up to find out the true meaning of love. Read on...


Spending Valuable Time

There is nothing wrong in spending time with a loved one as it makes you feel good. But at a particular age, most of us go to the extremes and waste lot of time running after a partner in the name of love. This could hamper education and career too.


Trying To Change Yourself To Suit Someone Else

It happens when you are young and immature. The moment you like your partner's likes and dislikes, you try to change yourself in order to suit him or her. Frankly speaking, it is impossible to change others or yourself instantly.


Being Possessive

You tend to be very possessive about your partner at a certain age in the name of love. Though all of us know that being possessive is immature, we name it as love.


Checking Your Mobile Always

Of course, every few minutes you want to get a high in the form of her text message; so you keep checking your mobile all the time expecting some message from him or her.


Thinking Too Much About The Partner

Some of us have the habit of thinking about the partner day in and day out. We tend to day dream too. Often times, we go to an extent of obsessively thinking about the partner; all this happens in the name of love.


Getting Too Attached

Being clingy isn't a healthy quality. At a particular age, we tend to think that getting too attached is true love but it isn't.


Thinking About Eloping Without Knowing About The Person

Many surveys declare that 89% of the couples that elope tend to regret the decision. So, even the act of eloping can be included in the list of dumb things that we do in the name of love. Except a few genuine cases, eloping isn't a practical idea.


Meaningless Arguments

We tend to argue endlessly mostly in such relationships where there is only one-sided love.


Crying A Lot

Yes, even men cry a lot. This happens in a stage where they run after a woman who never cares and simply disappears after marrying someone else.



Some so-called love failures also turn men into drunkards. They keep drinking and damaging their health not knowing the fact that true love isn't what they are in.

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Story first published: Friday, May 20, 2016, 8:18 [IST]
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