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How Sensuality Changed With Time

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With time, many things tend to change and the same applies even to the romantic choices and preferences of people. In the past few decades, technology has developed vastly. Also, the role of women in work places and the society increased.

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The gap between men and women is erasing. Gender roles are changing. So, today people are more open and clear about what they want in life and love.

Many healthy changes occurred in the overall picture. But a few changes are not so healthy and are tough to digest. The life span of certain relationships gradually decreased. Love lost its meaning in many lives.

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Physical pleasures, secret lives, lust and desire are ruling the lives of a percentage of urban population. Now, let us take a deeper look at certain facts.


Fact #1

In a survey, many people of this generation said that they willingly lost virginity at a very young age. With changing times, men and women are developing curiosity at a very young age due to over exposure and media.


Fact #2

Today, an average person is said to have at least 1-3 casual relationships during college phase and working phase.


Fact #3

Today, some people are trying same-sex relationships and others are boldly talking about their preferences.


Fact #4

Many surveys indicate that the quality of lovemaking decreased in the past few decades but quantity increased. This means the average person is engaging with more people but deriving less satisfaction.


Fact #5

Married couples report making love only 3 times a month. A few decades ago, couples engaged in the act almost daily. Today, both the partners are working and this could be tiring them out.


Fact #6

In a survey, 10% of people said that they are suffering sexual health issues. 35% of people reported failure in bed due to stress.


Fact #7

Today the number of people engaging in extramarital sex has increased drastically. Some statistics in some countries claim that an average woman has at least 8 partners in her lifetime and an average man tends to have at least 12 partners in his lifetime.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 10:55 [IST]
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