How Long Should Men Last In Bed?

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Men often wonder how long they should last in bed in order to feel well-performed. Though the people around us exaggerate the figures, many studies say that average men last only 5-10 minutes before giving up.

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But is that enough to satisfy your wife? Well, tough there are many surveys conducted on this topic, at the end of the day, each woman is different and therefore, it is tough to come up with a single answer for this question.

But still, there are many interesting facts that came to light when many women and men all around the world were interviewed on this topic.

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Let us take a quick look at those facts and let us find out how long a man should be able to hold his power in bed.


Fact #1

Many experts in the field say that the ideal time frame for the main act (excluding foreplay) should be around 13 minutes to call it a passionate session.


Fact #2

Unfortunately, most men fail to reach this expectation most of the time. Of course, performance depends upon many factors like the man's health, mindset, age, energy levels on that day and more.


Fact #3

Many women in many surveys conducted on this topic admitted that they would love it if their men could prolong it a bit.


Fact #4

Many men don't know the fact that a woman needs at least 19-20 minutes of foreplay to even get ready for the main act. When men fail to turn the woman on, the session may not be a satisfactory one for the woman.


Fact #5

Current studies claim that average men spend only 6-11 minutes in foreplay which is insufficient for an average woman to reach her mood.


Fact #6

When it comes to the actual act, a majority of women claim that 21-24 minutes would be ideal to call it the best session in their lives.


Fact #7

To conclude, experts say that the time frames are not to be taken seriously because what counts is turning on a woman whether it takes one minute or 20 minutes. Sometimes, when there is a strong bond between the couple, the turning on process or reaching the orgasm- both become a lot easier.

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