10 Signs Of An Unhappy Married Woman

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Women are like the weather they say, so unpredictable! But, when her man ignores her for the better of himself, it is then the woman gradually starts to feel unhappy in the marriage.

When the two of you stand at the altar to take each other vows, you tend to say it with meaning and from your heart. But, how many of you actually do so according to the vows. These days men are becoming selfish. Their work life is important and so are there friends, so what happens to the beautiful woman they marry?

The lovely wife as per the Indian norms has to be a homemaker, reproductive machine and yes, a happy to help worker for the in-laws. Women of today are completely broad minded. They are willing to walk out of a marriage if they are not treated equally and with respect.

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So, gentlemen if you don't want to lose the woman of your dreams, your wife, you will have to recognise those signs of an unhappy married woman. Listed below are some of the signs women show when they are unhappy in the commitment they made in front of God, relations and friends.

Husbands, pay attention to these signs and make sure you put a smile on her face at all times. Take a look at these signs of an unhappy married woman:


She Has Stopped Speaking

It is a known fact that women love to talk. If your wife isn't communicating with you, then there is something on her mind that you need to ask her about.


She Gets Mad Pretty Fast

No wife talks much to their husband when they are angry. If your wife snaps at you for no other reason it is the first sign of an unhappy married woman.


She Is Always Tired

A UCLA study discovered that women in unhappy marriages had higher cortisol levels, leading to a number of symptoms: chronic fatigue being one of them


She Says No To Sex

Women who are unhappy in a marriage don't like to be touched or kissed by their husband. If she ducks out any of those hugs and makes excuses for sex, there is something wrong.


She Begins To Hide From You

When your wife turns secretive there is something she isn't telling you or wants you to be a part of. Be easy on her and talk it out if you want to sort it.


She Loses Her Trust In You

Every little thing you do is scrutinized by her-she checks your phone, spies on your email , follows you to work and more. When your wife grows suspicion of you, it is time to work it out and see it to it that this problem doesn't let your marriage fail.


She Pays No Attention To You

When your beloved loses interest in you, that is when you should be aware that she no longer feels attracted to you in the marriage. It is one of the main signs to show she is unhappy in the marriage.


She Takes New Steps In Her Life

She may not care about your hobbies, but she'll start a new one just to get out of the house and away from you. Spending less and less time with you means she is looking for a way out.


She Starts To Think Only Of Herself

A wife unhappy in her marriage becomes selfish; with her time, with her money and with her emotions. This sign that she is unhappy with you should be dealt with at the earliest otherwise you might lose her forever.


She Changes Her Look

Changing her appearance is one of the biggest steps she is making sure you get, that she is willing to move on in life without you.

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