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Does Security Lie In Relationships?

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The problem is: we all search for security everywhere in the world except inside our own hearts. In fact, the real joy lies in the heart; not outside.

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This meaningless search for joy and security elsewhere has led us to a sad state of affairs in the fragile relationships we have with our fellow human beings.

Any relationship first needs trust and understanding. Such qualities come from security. Also, when you really understand the volatility of relationships you will never pin your hopes to it.

When you never depend on your relationships to be happy, your relationships will truly be happy.

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Yes, it is a fact that secure strong people are able to attract more people and they tend to be successful in all relationships as they never expect anything from anyone. Also, they are the ‘givers' and never the ‘takers'. Now let us know more...


Your Security Comes From Inside

Any wise person will agree with the fact that the origin of joy, peace and love lies inside not outside. So, why try to feel secure only if your partner displays certain qualities?


Your Partner Feels Secure Only If You Are Secure

A healthy trait is being secure and being yourself in a relationship. Then you will accept the other person as they are and will never force them to change. Then your partner will feel secure.


Insecurity Brings Clinginess And Desperation

When you are restless, filled with doubts and suspicion, you tend to become clingy. Also, when you are desperate, you tend to repel people.


Inner Security Makes You Attractive

When you are at peace with yourself, you tend to look attractive. Only happy people win more hearts.


Security Brings Stability

If you want a stable relationship, first keep it stable without disturbing it all the time. If you fight less, argue less and accept the other person, half of the relationship problems will be reduced. Even then if there are fights then it could mean that your partner is toxic. You can simply move on from an unhealthy relationship.


Security Is Maturity

As you age, you will learn the fact that real peace lies in letting others live happily. When making others smile becomes your goal, you will win every heart around you.


Insecurity Is Abusive

The reason why you must never let insecurity breed inside your heart is because it could make you obsessive, violent and abusive too. Such traits are unhealthy. So, find security which lies in your own heart.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 9, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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