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Do Looks Affect Job/Partner Search?

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Many studies claim that looks do play a role in some areas of life. Often the confident and good looking person seems to get lucky in many places.

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In fact, imagine a situation where you are about to interview someone. You have two people in front of you. One man is handsome and efficient and the other man is just efficient. Both have the same qualifications and similar qualities.

Who would you select out of them? Of course, you would go for the handsome man, right? Yes, we all tend to get attracted to good looks. It is part of human nature.

But wait, it doesn't mean that looks are everything. They just influence the first impression. After that point, only the skills, talents and abilities matter. Nobody can bear a good looking person who is incapable either in a job or in a relationship.

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So, looks do matter both in job search and partner search but only in the first phase. Now, let us discuss why handsome men score well in the first look.


Looks Give You Confidence

When you're good looking, you tend to be more confident and this gives you an edge over others. Your confidence makes you score well in both partner search or job search.


Your Grooming Speaks About Your Background

A well-groomed appearance speaks volumes about your personality, background, upbringing and your attitude towards life in general. Whether you go on a first date or attend an interview, try to show your best side to score well initially.



Some people carry an aura with them. That attracts others towards them. When you are totally relaxed about your looks, you tend to carry that aura of a self-assured personalty and this impresses people around you.


We All Have Fantasies

Every man has a secret wish to sleep with the most beautiful woman and every woman would love to date a super hot hunk. So, if you have the looks, people around you would surely be secretly dreaming about you. Of course, good looks with a bad character is again a turn off.


Looks Are Also About Cleanliness

Biologically speaking, only clean and hygienic bodies attract us. Well-maintined bodies and healthy bodies are a turn on. Nature designed us in such a way. We tend to get attracted to healthy and hygienic people. Good looks take healthy maintenance.


We're Biased

Many psychologists say that we're biased. We get carried away by good looks. Sometimes, we tend to believe that good looking people are good people though we know nothing about their actual character!


Biology Is All About Procreation

Do you know why most of us are sub-consciously obsessed with looks? Well, that is because of the mating instinct inside us that drives us crazy when we find a potential partner. Well, do you still think that looks don't matter? Think again!


Think Again!

In many employee surveys, men who had female bosses (who were beautiful) always spoke good about them and women who had handsome male bosses always gave only positive feedback about their bosses. Do you still think that looks don't affect us?

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