Why Premature Breakups Are Bad

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A premature breakup is nothing but a hasty decision to end a relationship before it runs its full course. All of us know why breakups hurt. Such incidents almost shatter anyone. That is why thinking twice about separation is important instead of hastily walking out and regretting later.

Signs He Has Moved On

Firstly, why do breakups happen. Well, they happen for many reasons but the most obvious one is incompatibility. Disagreements, incompatibility and sometimes even infidelity are some reasons why breakups happen.

Are You In A Good Relationship?

It is always better to learn how to handle a break up than to simply move on to find another. Here are some reasons.

Why Premature Breakups Are Bad

Why Premature Breakups Are Bad

Relationships Are Valuable
If you are in an abusive relationship then a premature breakup is fine but when you are in a good relationship then a hasty decision would make you regret later. Due to a minor disagreements, it isn't advisable to simply move on.

Things Change

Things Change
Though things may look very disappointing in one moment, they may look greener again after you cool down a bit. That is why hasty decisions taken in an angry mood may make you regret later. Take some time to make crucial moves.

Not All Fit In Your Life
You may think that you can get one more man or a woman to start a relationship but it is a fact that very less people can fit in your life. It is easy to start casual relationships but not easy to find someone ready to commit. Therefore, handle your relationships carefully.

Premature Breakups May Stagnate Your Life

Premature Breakups May Stagnate Your Life
Sometimes, it would be tough for you to move on when you end a relationship abruptly just in a fit of rage. The reason is a sense of incompleteness that arises when you suddenly quit something. It is like trying to quit smoking all of a sudden. Without preparation, such decisions shouldn't be made as you miss the very thing that you are trying to stay away from. So, be careful if you wish to break up. Let the relationship finish its course naturally instead of trying break up.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 1, 2015, 11:45 [IST]
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