Signs He Has Moved On

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Did he move on or is he still thinking about you? Well, not all men react alike so it would be tough to generalise how a man behaves when he moves on.

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But still, there are some signs he has moved on. If you observe them, you will be able to know that he has different plans for his life now.

Of course, it is not good to jump into conclusions just by looking at a few signs. It is always good to open up and talk to sort out things. So, always prefer to get things clarified to understand what's really going on. Before moving on, it is good to be clear.

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But for now, here are some signs.

Signs He Has Moved On

Signs He Has Moved On

He Doesn't Look At You

He Doesn't Look At You
Even if you happen to be around him, he doesn't make eye contact. He carries on with his activities without giving you attention.

He Doesn't Text You
Obviously, he doesn't text you or call you. This is one of the signs he has moved on after a break up.

Even If You Talk, He Doesn't Respond With Enthusiasm
Once a man loses interest in a relationship, he loses all enthusiasm. So, he might not be able respond with a smile when you try to talk to him.

Even If You Talk, He Doesn't Respond With Enthusiasm

He Doesn't React Even If You Scream
When in a relationship, he tries to react to every single thing but once it is over, some men tend to remain silent even if you yell.

He Chooses To Ignore You
Whether online or offline, whether in the office or in the streets, he would try to ignore you as he has already made up his mind that it is over.

The best thing to do is to talk to him openly to confirm its over. If you don't wish to lose him then try to patch up over a cup of coffee. If you don't wish to even talk to him again then simply make up your mind to move on gradually.

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