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Other Women Hate You Because...

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Have you ever walked into a room full of chattering girls and noticed the eerie silence that follows? Does malicious gossip about your come back is a grapevine? Well, then you must be asking yourself why other women hate you so much? Sometimes it can be really frustrating to be hated or gossiped about for no good reason. But do not think that you are alone, there are many more like you who are ill-treated by their own kind.

Below are some of the reasons for which other women might hate you.

Women Hate Other Women

Other Women Hate You Because...

You are younger than them: Age is a very sensitive issue with most of the women. Not all women age gracefully; most cannot accept their age very comfortably. That is why a younger woman is seen with an eye of envy. Moreover, being younger you are perceived as a threat. You may steal her husband or lover. You mostly meet this kind of women at your work place.

You are pretty and dress better: All women have vanity and some have it more than others. Not everybody can be blessed with good looks. However, dressing sense can always be acquired. The women who do not have it, compensate by being mean to the ones who do have a taste to dress wisely. If such women hate you, take it as a compliment because people are jealous only of those who are better than us.

She is lonely and you are happy: Most cat fights breakout because of men. Suppose you have a happy relationship with your guy, when another woman is lonely and has just been dumped. It is sure she will never be happy for you. This is the basic human nature to desist what you cannot have. While it is unfortunate she is just being 'grapes are sour'. If you have a 40 year old spinster boss, then you know what we are talking about.

You took her man unknowingly: We are not really talking about your boyfriend's ex. The scope of this kind of hatred is much wider than that. Suppose this other woman liked a guy secretly but he went for you. How will she release her frustration? Obviously by gossiping about you.

She wants to be like you but can't: Women hate you when they actually admire you from within. You will find many bored housewives gossiping about successful working women. It is because what these women want is to be financially independent and upwardly mobile like you. But they can't have it because they are past their prime. Ignore such hatred because it is useless.

Do you thing other women hate you for no reason? Share with us.

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