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How To Choose A Good Friend?

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Good Friends
The one thought that crosses a person's mind before entering a school or college for the first time is how will I make new friends? This is something that makes people nervous not only at the school level but even while they are on the brink of joining a new work place. After all, your colleagues are the people you will be spending most of your time with.

If you choose wisely, you can end up making some of the best friends of your life. While a lot of friendships happen by chance, there are some pointers you can use before starting out a new one. The following will help you choose good friends.

How To Choose A Good Friend?

1. Gauge their behavior with their peers- You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their peers. If you see them continuously complaining about other people, or talking behind people's backs, you know instantly it is not somebody you will want to befriend. Rules of friendship state that anyone who back bites is not a good friend.

2. Watch their language- You can tell if you will get along with the person, just by observing the way they talk. If you enjoy making friends with someone loud and outgoing, you will not enjoy a shy and soft spoken person's company and vice versa. Good friends must have something in common after all.

3. Learn if you share interests- Unlike in a romantic relationship, good friends do need to have a lot in common. While it is not necessary that both of you will love the same movie or dress, it is better that both of you enjoy doing the same things. Your friendship will just be a lot easier.

4. Respect your ambitions-
A good friend is someone who should understand what you want from life and not mock your goals. A friendship will never sustain if your friend constantly pokes fun at your dreams.The rules of a frienship say that you must respect your friend as an individual.

5. Find a friend that hears you out- There are some people who just want you to be the recipient of their gossip. They will not be interested in what you have to say and will turn a deaf ear when you want to share issues of your life. Take it as a sign, that they are not interested in being there for you. Politely keep such people at bay.

While making friends seems like the easiest thing, it is always better to be a little cautious at first and take your friendship gradually. Getting too pally too soon also has its downfall. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship that a person experiences and we should make sure we choose our best friends with care, if we don't want to find ourselves in a situation of regret years later.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 14:11 [IST]
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