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Top Lunch Recipes | Easy Lunch Recipes | Best Lunch Recipes

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Lunch has to be one of the most important meals of the day. During the lunch period, our metabolism is at its highest peak and our bodies crave for a wholesome meal, an ideal balanced platter of food which will contain ample content of protein, carb, fiber and minerals. But how do we prepare a sumptuous and nutritious platter of food without spending much time? Read on to know some of the delicious top lunch recipes which will be quite easy to make and give you a toothsome platter of delicacies in no time!

For lunch, people prefer various type of dishes. While some of us are perfectly satiated by a scrumptious rice bowl, others prefer roti, chapati or a fresh and stunning salad bowl to make amends with their strict diet chart. Be it roti or rice or a salad bowl, did you know lunch should contain more protein and less carb? As lunch gives us a vital boost of energy and after lunch, we continue to work for a longer period of time, studies suggest that a heavy protein content will energize your brain to work faster.

All About Protein

There goes a popular notion that veg recipes do not contain as much protein as a non-vegetarian recipe does. Well, to shatter this notion, let's look at some of the scrumptious lunch recipes which will give you a high-protein content along with carb and all the other good things.

A Full-course Meal

For the days when you have time to indulge in a full-course meal, try dividing the lunch in three major parts and indulge in some of the nutritious protein appetizer recipes to start off your lunch with. We recommend our fresh protein salad recipes or paneer appetizer recipes, which will give you a high content of protein at the start of your meal.

We are totally drooling over our Paneer Afghani recipe!

Main Course Fiestas

For your main course, opt for fresh vegetable curries along with some tasty carb platter, with which you get a perfectly balanced meal in no time. While choosing a main-course meal, it is essential to remember, if you are going to work post-lunch that you should always go for light yet wholesome recipes, so that your stomach can digest the food easily and you get the vital boost of energy to take on the day (rest of the day, rather)!

Fruity Delights

Can a satisfying lunch end without a scoop of delicious dessert? To end your lunch on a sweet satiating note, add a fresh fruity dessert like our fruit custard or mango delight recipe.

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1)Paneer Afghani Recipe | Afghani Paneer Masala Recipe | Easy Afghani Paneer Recipe

Believe us, it is the tastiest paneer appetizer that you can make within less than 30 minutes. This royal starter recipe can be the stunner dish of your lunch. Click on the link to see the entire recipe.

2)Sweet Corn Kosambari Recipe | How To Make Corn Pomegranate Kosambari Salad | Ugadi Special Easy 5-mi

Don’t have time to make a tasty starter palette? Start your lunch with a fresh bowl of corn salad and let its nutritional goodness nourish you internally. Happy munching on!

3)Aloo Paneer Kofta Recipe | Paneer Kofta Recipe (No Onions No Garlic)

The perfect concoction of delicious potato and paneer, try this starter on a weekend luncheon to give it a grand start.

4)Chole Masala Recipe: How To Make Punjabi Chole Masala

Lunch is all about stocking up your tummy with tasty protein recipes and what can be better than a tasty chole masala platter, which is an emblem of scrumptious chickpeas and a gravy laced with stunning Indian spices.

5)Paneer Capsicum Sabzi Recipe: How To Prepare Paneer And Shimla Mirch Masala

For the busy days, try this paneer capsicum sabji recipe, which can be made quickly and give you a delicious paneer recipe, endowed with the goodness of veggies.

6)Dahi Bhindi: How To Make Okra Yogurt Gravy Recipe

If you are looking for a light yet filling side-dish, you will absolutely love our dahi bhindi recipe. Okra or bhindi, tossed and spiced with our aromatic Indian masalas and cooked in curd is any day more delicious.

7)Punjabi Dum Aloo Recipe | Dum Aloo Recipe | Punjabi Aloo Recipe

For potato lovers, punjabi aloo equalizes gastronomical heaven. Though on the heavier side, this delicious recipe gives you small seasonal aloo, moist with the best of Indian spices.

8)Fruit Custard Recipe: How To Make Fruit Salad With Custard

A happy lunch ends with a delicious salad. Try this fresh fruit custard at the end of your lunch to get a healthy dose of fruits.

9)Mango Delight Recipe: How To Make Hung Curd Mango Delight

Summer season is incomplete without a satiating mango recipe. Have you tried our mango delight recipe yet?

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