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Ragi Ka Halwa Recipe For Dessert

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Ragi (nachini) is a healthy grain that provides a lot of nutrition to the body. People often use ragi flour to prepare rotis and many other delicious recipes. One such recipe is 'Ragi ka Halwa' which is not only delicious but also extremely healthy. Ragi Halwa is prepared using Ragi flour and milk. You can try this sweet dish if you want to try something new and easy-to-prepare.

To know how to prepare Ragi Halwa, scroll down to read the recipe below.

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Ragi Ka Halwa Recipe
Ragi Ka Halwa Recipe
Prep Time
5 Mins
Cook Time
Total Time
15 Mins

Recipe By: Boldsky

Recipe Type: Dessert

Serves: 4

    • 1 cup ragi flour
    • 4 tablespoons of ghee
    • 1 ½ cups of hot milk
    • ¼ cup sugar
    • ¼ cardamom powder
    • 5-6 almonds
    • 5-6 cashews
    • 7-8 raisins
Red Rice Kanda Poha
How to Prepare
    • Take a pan and add 3 tablespoons of ghee into it.
    • Once the ghee melts completely and seems hot, add 1 cup ragi flour into it.
    • Stir the flour for 4 minutes on low-medium flame.
    • Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture and ghee coats the flour nicely.
    • Turn off the gas flame and add hot milk into the mixture. Please ensure that you do not add the milk all at once.
    • While you are adding the milk, keep stirring to ensure that there are no lumps in the flour.
    • Turn on the gas and stir it on low flame.
    • Keep stirring the flour until it thickens.
    • Now add sugar and cardamom powder and cook for 2-3 minutes on low-medium flame.
    • Cook the mixture till it starts leaving the pan's surface.
    • Now turn off the gas stove and keep the halwa aside for 2-3 minutes.
    • After this, garnish the halwa with almonds, cashews and raisins and serve hot.
  • You can also use jaggery instead of sugar. If you are using jaggery, then you need to melt it beforehand.
Nutritional Information
  • People - 4
  • kcal - 71 kcal
  • Fat - 2.8 mg
  • Protein - 1.1 g
  • Carbs - 10.4 g
  • Fiber - 1.7 g

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

  • If you wish then you can add water and milk in equal amounts to the flour.
  • You can also use jaggery instead of sugar. If you are using jaggery, then you need to melt it beforehand.
  • If you wish you can add powdered sugar as well.
  • Always turn off the flame before adding the milk.
  • Make sure you always heat the milk beforehand.

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