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Best Refreshing And Kid-Friendly Recipe: How To Prepare Raw Mango Popsicles

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Raw mangoes are a summer delight and one of the healthiest and most widely consumed fruits during the season. Most people do have one or the other precious memory of raw mangoes.

The raw mango popsicle is made with simple ingredients and is easy to make. It is kid-friendly, refreshing, soothing and a great way to beat the summer heat. One can easily make it at home and enjoy it.

Here's how to prepare raw mango popsicles. Take a look.

How To Prepare Raw Mango Popsicles

Best Refreshing And Kid-Friendly Recipe: How To Prepare Raw Mango Popsicles
Best Refreshing And Kid-Friendly Recipe: How To Prepare Raw Mango Popsicles
Prep Time
10 Mins
Cook Time
Total Time
6 Hours30 Mins

Recipe By: Boldsky

Recipe Type: Ice Cream

Serves: 8 (8 pieces)

    • One and one-fourth cups (1.25) of green mango, peeled and sliced.
    • Half cup of fresh mint leaves.
    • Half cup of soaked raisins, preferably in warm water for around 30 minutes.
    • Around two cups of water.
    • One and a half teaspoons of roasted cumin powder, divided (1 and 0.5).
    • Half a teaspoon of black pepper.
    • A teaspoon of black salt, divided (0.75 and 0.25).
    • Salt to taste.
    • A bit of red chilli powder for garnishing.
    • Lemon juice (optional), if you like to increase the tanginess.
    • Honey (optional), if you like to increase the sweetness.
    • Popsicles molds and sticks.
Red Rice Kanda Poha
How to Prepare
    • In an Instant pot or a pressure cooker, add green mangoes, soaked raisins and water and pressure cook on a high flame for around 5-6 minutes (Instant pot) or up to two whistles (pressure cooker) on a high flame first and then on a medium flame. Release the gas quickly.
    • Allow the mixture to cool down.
    • In a blender, add the mixture, mint leaves, the first half of roasted cumin powder, the first half of black salt, regular salt and black pepper.
    • Add half a cup of water and blend the mixture until smooth.
    • Pour the mixture into a bowl. If the consistency of the mixture is too thick, add water bit by bit until the consistency is a little thicker.
    • Taste the mixture. If the mixture is not tangy, add a bit of lemon juice and if you want it sweet, add a bit of honey.
    • Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and insert the sticks.
    • Allow them to freeze for around 6-8 hours.
    • Once done, take them out on a plate and garnish with the remaining roasted cumin powder, black salt and chilli powder.
  • If you want to use an oven to cook green mangoes mixture, put the mixture in a microwave bowl and cook for around 3-4 minutes or until the mangoes get tender.
Nutritional Information
  • popsicle - 1 (1 popsicle)
  • Calories - 46
  • Fat - 1g
  • Protein - 1 g
  • Carbohydrates - 10 g
  • Fiber - 1 g
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