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Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Eggless Banana Pancakes

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Who doesn't love pancakes? Pancakes are sweet, soft on the inside and a bit crispy on the outside. It makes for a delightful and palatable breakfast option packed with the nutrition of bananas, milk, jaggery and whole-wheat flour.

The best thing about pancake is it is a go-to and healthy dish for any mood and the ingredients are easily available in every kitchen. Also, at every season, you can select your favourite choice of seasonal fruits and add them to your pancakes. This way, you will never miss out on the essential minerals and vitamins that seasonal fruits offer.

Here, we will discuss how to make eggless banana pancakes. Bananas are cost-effective fruit and are easily available at all seasons. It is packed with nutritions like dietary fibre, potassium, vitamin B6, protein, vitamin C, iron and magnesium. Studies say that bananas have a high antioxidant capacity and are, therefore, good for digestion, heart health, nervous system, weight loss and bone health.

Eggless banana pancakes could be a healthy breakfast option for all, especially for vegetarians.

Take a look at the recipe.

Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Eggless Banana Pancakes
Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Eggless Banana Pancakes
Prep Time
5 Mins
Cook Time
Total Time
25 Mins

Recipe By: Boldsky

Recipe Type: Breakfast

Serves: 2

    • A medium-sized banana, preferably overripe.
    • One-fourth cup of whole wheat flour.
    • A teaspoon of fennel seeds, crushed. You can also opt for cinnamon or cardamom powder.
    • 5-6 tablespoons of jaggery powder. You can also opt for coconut sugar, maple syrup or no sweetener at all.
    • A cup of water.
    • 2-3 tablespoons of oil.
Red Rice Kanda Poha
How to Prepare
    • Peel the banana and keep it in a bowl.
    • With the use of a masher or hand only, mash the banana.
    • Add jaggery powder and crushed fennel seeds.
    • Mix them well.
    • Add whole wheat flour.
    • Add water bit by bit to form a loose and smooth batter, which is also not too drippy.
    • Make sure there are no lumps and the consistency of the batter is medium.
    • In a nonstick pan, add oil and make sure the flame is low.
    • With the use of a spoon, pour and gently spread the batter in the pan to form a round-shaped pancake.
    • Cook both sides in a low-to-medium flame.
    • Make sure the pancakes get a beautiful golden colour and are crisp from the outside.
    • Serve hot with low-calorie jams or peanut butter.
  • 1. After making a pancake, you can keep it in a casserole to prevent it from getting cold. 2. Avoid cooking pancakes at a high flame as this may leave the inner portion uncooked. 3. Replacing oil with ghee while making pancakes can help lift up the taste of the dish. 4. You can add milk instead of water while making a batter. However, make sure the milk is low in calories. 5. To make the pancakes fluffy, you can add a teaspoon of baking powder to the batter. 6. Pancakes can be stored in a refrigerator for up to three days. 7. Overripe bananas are not considered good for diabetics. Therefore, either opt for an underripe banana and mash it properly or you can replace it with other low glycemic fruits like oranges and strawberries.
Nutritional Information
  • People - 2
  • Calories - 113
  • Fat - 3g
  • Protein - 2g
  • Sugar - 8 g
  • Fibre - 2g
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Story first published: Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 18:47 [IST]
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