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Signs Of Autism You Should Be Aware Of

What is Autism? Autism is a mental condition characterised by the difficulty in communicating, forming relationships with other people using any language and concentrating on one particular thing. People with this disorder show a repetitive behaviour.

Autism generally goes unnoticed until the age of about 3 years. But, one can notice the signs of a developmental delay as early as 6 months of age.

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Autism is a complex mental disorder. The cause of autism is unknown. However, according to a research, scientists have concluded that autism can occur because of complex genetic, environmental disorders and abnormalities in the brain structures.

Emotional support is very important for the kids associated with autism. Detecting autism in the early stage is very essential. If it is diagnosed at an early stage, there is more scope for improvement.

There is no medical test to diagnose autism. However, it can be diagnosed by observing a child's behaviour closely and looking for some specific symptoms. In this article, we at Boldsky will be sharing with you some of the signs of autism that you should be aware of. Read on to know more.

Doesn't Imitate Expression: When a child doesn't imitate an expression, sounds and movements of others such as smiling, laughing and other gestures, this can be considered as an early stage of autism. Infants usually smile when smiled at. But, babies suffering from this may not respond to a smile.

Doesn't Respond To His/Her Name: Kids associated with autism don't respond to their name, even if the hearing is fine. This is mainly because of the difficulty in paying attention and understanding the language. Its a sign of developmental delay.

Poor Eye Contact : Poor eye contact is a common symptom of kids associated with autism. They find it very difficult to maintain eye contact. They also have a hard time pointing to objects and communicating.

Unusual Body Movements: Unusual body movements is one of the major warning signs of autism. Kids who are diagnosed with autism may repeatedly stiffen their arms, hands or legs. They may also display certain unusual body movements such as rotating the hands and wrists when not necessary.

Delay In Motor Development: Autism affects the motor and learning skills in infants and toddlers. It lowers their progress of grasping the things around them. Parents of such children must consider adaptive physical education programmes in such cases that can enhance a child's ability and needs.

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Story first published: Monday, December 7, 2015, 21:00 [IST]
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