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Why Parents Shouldn't Be Strict?

Are you a strict parent? Do you follow the 'Spare the rod, spoil the child' principle strictly? Well, being a strict parent will only make your child aggressive, experts say.

Kids observe their parents' behaviour and follow it as well. Growing up in a home where parents are extremely strict will lower the self-confidence of the child. It might lead to low self-esteem in the child as well and that will be detrimental to the kid's mental health.

If parents are strict with their children, they will grow up with fear and anxiety that will only make them insecure human beings.

As a parent, you should allow your child to do the things he/she is interested in with your proper guidance and care.

Here are some reasons why parents shouldn't be strict, take a look. Note: Being strict and being disciplined are two different aspects. While strictness creates fear in the child, discipline brings adherence to rules that are necessary to be followed to become better citizens.

Your child Lives In Fear
When you are a strict parent, your little one will always live in fear. No child should live in fear in their own home. Control your level of strictness and make your child aware that he/she can come to you for any help he/she needs.

Change For The Worse
Children who are raised in strict homes are like inflated balloons that can burst any moment. When the balloon bursts, they become a whole new person. The change could be for the worse as they are restricted to do even small things in their life.

Your Child Will Never Be Happy
If you are a strict parent, your child will never be happy living in a fearful environment. As parents, it's your duty to provide unconditional love and happiness to your child and not instill fear in him/her.

It Changes Your Child's Attitude In Life
Being strict parents has a major impact on children, especially when they have no sibling. You should be a cool and disciplined parent to raise your kids healthily.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 13:40 [IST]
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