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Teaching Your Kid How To Spell: Tips

Teaching kid how to spell is a difficult, but important task. You need to consider different methods when teaching spellings to kids. There is a very traditional method, where you can make them write the word 4-5 times or make them use the word many times in a sentence.

You need to keep your mind open to new and creative methods. This will also make the child interested on learning the spelling.


Though the school will be doing a lot of work on your child, you can also help the teacher and your kid with this. There is no doubt that your child will be more comfortable with you. You can find out where he is having the trouble and then work with him.

When you are teaching kid to spell, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You need to deal with the phonograms, useful spelling rules, following a logical sequence and eventually a continuous review. Take an effort to tell your kid what exactly he needs to know to spell well.

The following are a few methods to use while teaching kids how to spell. You can use these as a base and modulate if necessary. Find which among these suits your child the best.

Seeing and Writing

This is the best way to get your child to memorise the spelling. You can make it fun by playing a few games with them. You can get them to write the words on cards, turn them over, take a peek and then rewrite the words. You can use many other games. This is one of the ways to use while teaching a kid how to spell.

Hide and Seek

This is one of the games that the kids would love to play. You can place a few cards all around the house and then give them instructions to get the cards. Once your child has got all the cards, dictate it to them to write it down. This is another way in teaching kid how to spell.

Racing the clock

If your child likes challenges, you can use the stop clock. You can dictate 10 words to him. You can also ask him to beat his own record. You can use any ideas that will keep his mind calm and relaxed during the process.

Keeping Track

Children always want to be encouraged and they want to know that you are proud of them. For this, you can keep a visual chart, which he can use to track his progress. You can make a pie chart or a line graph. You can use your computer or simply ask your child to track his progress on a paper.

Making Most of Everything
Try not to stick to paper and pen all the time; you can use different mediums around the house as well. You could use paint, wax, crayons, mud, pastry mix or even shaving foam. Let your child write letters using creative mediums. This is one of the ways to teach kid how to spell.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 16:18 [IST]
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