To Do Toddler Haircuts At Home?

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Toddler Haircut
Your toddler's first haircut will be when he or she is about 18 months old. Before that the baby's head is soft and it is not safe to cut his or her hair. Now what is a luxurious beauty treatment for you is a potentially frightening experience for your toddler. So tread carefully.

It is better to cut your toddler's hair at home for the first few time because..

  • Then he or she is with someone trusted and familiar, that is you.
  • There are lesser chances of injuries and infections.
  • You are more in control if your toddler panics and the situation goes out of control.

Kid haircuts are not an indiscriminate style. There are bobs, layers and bowl cuts for fashionable kid haircuts but if you decided that it is best for your toddler to get a haircut at home then here are some toddler tips to help you go about it.

How To Give Toddler Hair Cut At Home?

  • Things You Need: You need a towel small enough for your toddler's shoulders, a pair of small hair cutting scissors (they are called shears or snipers colloquially), thin comb, water to wet the hair in a spraying can, mirror and hair clips to hold the hair parts. Other than these it is best to have a television or laptop for distraction.
  • Don't Startle The Kid: If this is the first time then it is always better to tell the child what you will be doing. Tell your toddler about the haircut you are about to give them and it is supposed to be fun! Don't try to deceive them into the barber's chair.
  • Prepare Well: Wrap the towel around your toddler's shoulders in an animated may to keep him or her anxiety free. Sprinkle water with the sprayer or wet the comb and comb out the hair in equal parts; in most cases there will only be a front and back portion unless your kid has really bushy hair. Some kids like water and some don't so make sure you don't irritate or scare the child by spraying water.
  • Distract The Child: You need to distract the child from the actual process of cutting because the sight of the scissors snipping and the loose locks of hair falling off might scare them. Play their favourite cartoon or animated series before start and work swiftly until the distraction lasts.
  • The Actual Cutting Process: You need to cut one potion of your toddler hair at once. So snip the front potion, then the back and make sure all ends are equal by combing the hair backwards. There will a few stray hair that remain long or crooked; deal with them softly without diverting your toddler's attention.

These are parenting tips more than tips for a toddler haircut because you need to a good parent to your kid and only then can you be his/her favourite hair stylist!

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 13:03 [IST]
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