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Ways To Handle Toddler Biting

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Toddler Biting
Many mommies complain about their toddler love bites. Although the little teeth and gum bites aren't painful it is still a problem. Mums face problems in terms of handling bites where the reddish part of skin cannot be exposed as it looks awful to others.

Parenting a toddler isn't easy and their tantrums need to be dealt the right way. Today, let's look at the ways to stop toddler biting and the ways to handle the love bites. Take a look.

Ways To Handle Toddler Biting (toddler love bites) -

1. The first thing the mother needs to do to tackle this toddler behavior is calmly make him understand that it hurts and it is not the way. Often kids do all kind of things to gain attention.
2. Everytime you get a hint that your toddler would bite try to divert his attention by giving him toys or soft chews so that he will gradually get over with the habit.
3. If your toddler is used to biting on a particular area then apply neem oil so that the bitter bite doesn't taste good.
4. Avoid back biting. In an attempt to teach him a lesson you may try to bite him back which may look playful for the kid and may even continue it.
5. Do not laugh when your toddler bites as it make him feel that you like it and it is fun.
6. Try and stop other biting behavior of your toddler like chomping toys, toes or fingers etc.
7. Give them good munchies so that they don't munch your skin. One the main reason for toddler biting is empty stomach.
8. Apply a concealer or a foundation on the area so that it conceals the reddish bite.

Toddler Biting is a passing phase and parents need not worry too much. If the toddler behavior persists even after these ideas and becomes obsessive consult your pediatrician.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2011, 11:28 [IST]
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