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Kids & Toddlers Clothes
A 'sale' of kids clothes is something all parents look forward to. This is because you need so many of them. You can make do with a few pairs of clothing for work but when it comes to your little prince or princess you want them to look really good. Moreover, if your toddler is hyper then he or she will damage clothes while playing; so you have to keep replacing them. They also grow out of their fashionable kids clothes quickly.

What better way to replenish your little one's wardrobe than buy it off in stock from a kids clothes sale? The icing on the cake is that we are not talking about some back of the beyond kids fashion brand you have not even heard off; you will be buying really cool kids clothes from Giny And Jony a premium brand for kids.

End Of Season Sale On Kids Clothes:
Gini And Jony has some serious good news for parents. There is a flat 50% sale on all their old stock and some lip smacking offers to top it too.

  • If you buy apparel that is worth Rs 3,000 then you get to shop for exactly double the amount for free. So actually you are getting cool kids clothes worth Rs 6,000 for Rs 3,000 over and above the sale.
  • If your requirement is not so high then there is something for you as well. If you buy stuff worth Rs 2,400 then you get an extra Rs 1,600 to shop free of cost. So you will be getting kids clothes, shoes, accessories that comes up to Rs 4,000 for a meagre Rs 2,400!

Offer Valid Only On Old Stocks:
However before you jump at the offer you must know that this discount is only on old stock of clothes. The fresh stock for this season has already hit the stores but that is obviously not up for the 'sale'. The added advantage here is you get to browse through the new arrivals for the season when you go to pick up stuff from the sale.

So carry some extra cash or your credit cards because you might come across something season specific that your toddler really needs. Gini & Jony is a specialised brand that produces apparel, accessories, etc specifically for the kids fashion sector so you will definitely not be disappointed.

Parents will find this information on kids clothes sale very useful as it sometimes get really tough to keep up with the latest happenings. Keep coming back to us for more updates on kids and baby care stuffs.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 12:05 [IST]
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