8 Steps To Easily Clean Toddler Ears!

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Clean Toddler Ears
Maintaining toddler hygiene is very difficult at times as they get angry or cry due to pain but you can't skip the hygiene schedule. Similarly, cleaning toddler ears can be tricky as they don't resist sitting quiet for more than a minute! Ear wax is produced to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering inside the ears. Cleaning ear wax is important to protect the toddler from getting ear infections and maintain hygiene. Take a look at the tips to clean toddler ears.

Steps to clean toddler ears:

1. Give a bath to the toddler and clean the outer ear with a towel. If the toddler starts crying leave it for sometime. Forceful cleaning can become more troublesome. Apply baby oil on the ears to soften the dirt and wax, therefore making it easy to clean them.

2. Take a cotton cloth piece and dip it in warm water. Now wring the cloth and clean the outer ear with care. Avoid using ear swabs unless they are hygienic.

3. Also clean behind the ears. Dirt, dry skin and hair oil sticks behind the ears. Use a wet cloth and put little pressure. If the toddler cries, apply some baby oil 15-20 minutes before cleaning the ears.

4. Now use another cotton cloth with a thick end to help clean the ear and take out the wax easily.

5. Softly dig in the upper ear crevices. Use your fingers to hold and separate the creases of the upper ears.

6. Before entering inside the ears, clean the ear canal of the toddler. With a fresh cloth piece clean the ear canal to take out the wax and then slowly dig in the thick end and rotate in a clockwise direction.

7. Take out after one rotation. Avoid repeating the same cloth piece after every rotation. This increases the chances of ear infections. Use clean spot from the damp cloth piece every time.

8. Don't dig in too much as the ear drums of toddlers are very soft and sensitive. Clean partially with very little pressure and then again clean the ear canal.

Follow these steps to clean toddler ear and remove excess wax. Ear wax is not harmful as it is secreted to prevent bacteria from entering inside the ears. If the secretion is too much, it is good to clean. To avoid your toddler from reacting, talk to him/her and keep the mind diverted while you clean the ears. You can also give a toy to keep your toddler busy while you clean the ears.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2011, 12:29 [IST]
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