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When Toddlers Start To Walk: Tips


When your little one starts to walk, you should encourage them in every way possible. When toddlers start to walk, parents should be beside them constantly to see they are safe. Parenting walking toddlers can be quite a challenge since it is is on your mind as to what they will do in their next step. The firsty toddler walking tip that every parent needs to keep in mind is to make sure that all sharp objects are kept away.

Children at this time become a lot more inquisitive to touch things they are not suppose to touch. When toddlers start to walk, you should also keep away things that cause harm to them. They are innocent little beings and everything that is dangerous to touch becomes an attraction.


The need for baby proofing your home becomes important. You may never know where their little feet might take them too. When your toddler starts to walk, also make sure the area is carpeted and clean. A close watch on them too is a must as their legs might not be that stable to stand out for the few steps they take. These parenting tips for walking toddlers are listed below, take a look:

Keep Sharp Objects Away

You have to make sure that there are no sharp objects any where in their reach. No matter how tall your baby is, he/she will still reach out to that sharp instrument. This is the first parenting tips to keep in mind when toddlers start to walk.

Never Let Go Of Their Hand

What ever you do, never ever let go off their hand. They will need your support only with your help. When toddlers start to walk, hold both of their hands, you on one side and your husband on the other.

Encourage Them To Walk

Encouraging toddlers to walk will allow them not to fall. We all need a little encouragement from time to time. Do not excite your toddler, though, when he/she is walking on their own.

Re-Arrange The Whole House

One of the most important thing to keep in mind when your toddler starts to walk is to re-arrange the whole house. Get it carpeted, move all huge and heavy objects from their pull and make sure the path walk is soft for them to walk on.

Footwear Is A Must

When toddlers start to walk, footwear is a must. In the first few weeks of their steps, practicing on barefoot to get balance is essential. But, later on, footwear is compulsory to avoid them from getting hurt.

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