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Expert Suggests Tips And Tricks For Surviving Every Trimester

By Dr Chetna Jain

The first, second and third trimesters seems to be different for every woman, but one thing that seems consistent with those is the irritation and other associated difficulties. In this article, Dr Chetna Jain, Boldsky Expert will guide you through tips and tricks that help you survive every trimester.

Tips And Tricks For Surviving 1st Trimester

1. Test to confirm the pregnancy: A pregnant Mother will take a home pregnancy test to decide if she has hCg in her urine as soon as the first day after a missed cycle. The hormone that is used for predicting pregnancy is hCG. The results are most accurate after the missed period. At the same time, the test can sometimes be carried out before the missed period.

2. Confirm your pregnancy by consultation: The hospital will prescribe a blood pregnancy test before the first appointment with Ob-Gyn. It's not because the doctor doesn't trust the home test. The blood test will report the level of hCG in your blood. This is used to assess how deep the pregnancy is at present. If the mother reports the last period that is unlikely to be at the hCG level, the mother may be carrying more than one child.

3. Folic acid medication: From the first day that the home test is positive, mom needs to take a prenatal vitamin. The vitamin contains folic acid that prevents neural tube defects as the fetus develops. These defects can occur very early in pregnancy.

4. First pregnancy signs: the first physical symptoms usually develop before the positive pregnancy test. These signs include sore boobs and tender nipples. Some women feel irritated when it comes to birth when their breasts are tender until each month.

5. Morning sickness: In the first few weeks after the missed period, morning sickness can occur. Though the word is morning sickness, it doesn't have to come in the morning. Nausea and vomiting are also managed by basic diet and lifestyle changes. In certain cases, drugs will need to be given to avoid vomiting.

6. Tired feeling: pregnant women have been really tired since the first weeks of birth. The body is experiencing a large list of changes. Although these changes are necessary and normal, they are no less painful for the body. Changing your food and trying to walk every day will improve your stamina.

7. Frequent urination: The bladder may be squeezed as the uterus begins to expand in preparation for the new baby. This strain can induce regular urination in the first weeks of pregnancy.

8. What NOT to eat: There is a long list of things not to be consumed while pregnant. These foods will make mom and baby sick. The obstetrician would be able to include a list of foods to prevent during birth. Junk diets, sugar-rich foods should be avoided during pregnancy.

Tips And Tricks For Surviving 2nd Trimester

The second trimester is a time to celebrate breastfeeding and get ready for the third and final trimester of pregnancy.

1. The baby's growth: the baby is growing quickly with the skin expanding, the taste buds emerging, and the lungs starting to learn the art of breathing. The obstetrician will monitor the child's development by weighing the mom's abdomen. In most cases, the centimetres will fit the weeks of gestation. If multiples are present in the fetus, these numbers may not align.

2. Feeling fetal activity for the first time: during the second trimester, mom and dad will be able to watch the baby shifting for the first time. Although the infant is still relatively young, the kicks might not be apparent at first. During the ultrasound, whenever the baby kicks mom, she will be able to connect the sensation to the action so that the kicks are more apparent before the baby grows up.

3. The first scan: the duration of birth is set for the second trimester. Ultrasound is Mom's first encounter with the baby. Suppose there is a high risk of pregnancy or multiple pregnancies. In that case, the first ultrasound may occur sometime before the second trimester.

4. Pregnancy clothes: During the second trimester, the fetus will continue to develop enough to affect the way clothing suits the body. Although it may not be appropriate to purchase pregnancy or maternity clothes during the second trimester, changing out of tight-fitting clothing and into a looser fitting waist would always feel healthier for mom.

5. Testing for the health of the baby: There are several checks planned for the second trimester. Quad screening is the most important/controversial to check for abnormalities such as down syndrome etc.

Tips And Tricks For Surviving 3rd Trimester

1. Do physical activity: When your infant gets larger, your own body is pushed to its maximum to sustain your growing child. You can feel more drained than ever, finding it difficult to perform your normal tasks. Create a list of things you need to do, such as washing or mopping, and assign.

2. Regular walking: During the third trimester, exercise may do wonders. It will help control your fatigue, blood pressure, and swelling and cause labour to reach your due date. A long walk will function as a form of meditation for nothing else, helping you to clear your mind without distractions.

3. Regular checkup: The rest of the pregnancy is behind you, and it will be busier over the last few weeks than any other phase of the pregnancy. The obstetricians' visits are now more important as the doctor will start looking for symptoms of labour and preeclampsia.

4. Look for labour signs: Conception is approaching the end. Eventually, the body will show that it is time to bring the baby out into the universe. This method is normal for most women. Labour would need to be triggered for others, or a C Section will be planned. No matter the decision, the baby will come into the world to see mom and dad in just about 40 weeks gestation.

On A Final Note...

A lot of factors, such as the health of a woman, age, food habits and health are all important factors during pregnancy. Always discuss your diet and food habits with your doctor during pregnancy.

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